• Lisa Sherburne

Steps To Winterize Your Home On Nantucket For The Upcoming Winter

Whether you're leaving your summer cottage on the island, visiting your island home periodically, or living on Nantucket year-round, winterizing your home is vital to keep it in pristine condition. Now is the perfect time to start taking the steps to winterize your home. The New England winters can be brutal and get extremely cold. Although Nantucket doesn't always have snow or below zero temperatures, it's still important to protect your home.

Take Care of the Outdoor Shower: If you have an outdoor shower, it is important that you shut off the water for the winter. Shutting off the water prevents any damage that could occur and ensures that the pipes don’t freeze. I usually drain my outdoor shower around Thanksgiving although one year I was still able to shower outside in early December!

Drain Outdoor Water Sources: Similar to shutting the outdoor shower water off, all outdoor water sources such as faucets and garden hoses, need to be drained. By draining all outdoor water spigots, you will prevent any damage and freezing that can occur when the cold winter temperatures arrive.

Store Outdoor Furniture: Remember to clean your outdoor chairs, tables, couches, etc., and put everything away for the season. Cover and store the furniture in a safe and dry place. Nobody wants their nice furniture covered in snow, rain, ice, and other debris. Keep it safe from winter storms to keep it in mint condition!

Replace Screens with Storm Windows and Doors: As the temperatures start to drop, it's time to put down any storm windows and replace door screens with storm doors. Storm doors serve the purposes of protecting your home against weather conditions and providing better insulation. Storm windows protect the main windows and overall protection against the New England weather.

Do an Overall Check of Your Pipes and Furnace: If you're living in your Nantucket home year-round, it's a good idea to have a professional come once a year to look at your furnace/heating system to make sure everything is working properly. Additionally, you should check your water pipes. Our winters can be very unpredictable with extremely low temperatures, so inspecting your pipes should be on your list. In the winter, pipes can burst, freeze, and cause overall damage like flooding. By performing an overall check or hiring an expert, you will have the relief that your house is good to go for the winter.

Remember these tips when you plan to winterize your home! As always, reach out to me if you're looking to rent or buy a home on Nantucket, or need the name of a local property manager. The winter is still an exciting time to visit the island!

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