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  • Lisa Sherburne

Your Nantucket Winter Checklist: 5 Things To Do In The Winter Months

While Nantucket is a popular summer tourism destination, it is just as beautiful in the winter. During these wintry months, the island is quiet and peaceful but the town is still buzzing with activity. If you're wondering what activities are available during the 'off-season,' here are some favorite local activities to enjoy.

Take A Beach Stroll:

There's something magical about an empty beach on a cold winter day. It's a calming experience to hear the sound of crashing waves without the chatter of others around. Bundle up in several layers and take a stroll along the coast. With a perimeter of soft sand, Nantucket has many beaches to choose from. Bring a blanket, a book, and a warm beverage to keep you cozy, and find a nice sheltered spot to lounge out. Additionally, Nantucket is home to incredible sunrises and sunsets so the added bonus of catching the sunrise without a 5 AM alarm makes the cold temperatures worth it.

View A Movie At Nantucket Dreamland:

When the weather drops to uncomfortably cold temperatures, head to Nantucket Dreamland! This beloved cultural center provides year-round films, educational programs, and community events to keep islanders entertained. Spend the day watching trending films, live theatre shows, and more! There's something for everyone, and winter is the perfect time to visit!

Wine & Dine:

In the summer, Nantucket's fine restaurants are always bustling, and reservations can be hard to come by. In the winter, you'll find that there are still many popular restaurants that stay open. There's nothing better than spending a cold night out with friends and enjoying warm comfort food alongside a tasty beverage. Some favorite restaurants open in the wintertime include The Beet, Fusaro's Nantucket, and Island Kitchen.

Go Ice Skating:

Did you know Nantucket has a community ice rink? Take your friends and family for a fun night of ice skating - a favorite winter activity and always a great time. The community rink also has an ice hockey league and curling club for a weekly social activity. There are many programs for all ages, including Adult Coffee Skate, General Public Skating, and Kids On Ice. Check out the ice skating schedule and events at Nantucket Ice here.

Take An Art Class:

Winter can feel uneventful out on an island when it's cold and snowy. Sometimes it can be hard finding the motivation to do anything other than stay bundled up at home. Boost your creativity and try a new hobby at the Artists Association of Nantucket. The organization provides weekly art classes ranging from traditional arts like painting and sculpture to digital arts like animation. If the gloomy weather is leaving you feeling uninspired, an art class will do just the trick!

Interested in spending a winter on Nantucket? Reach out to me today for available rentals!

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